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First look at the MOZA Mini-Mi Phone Stabilizer

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We were at NAB this year and this MOZA Mini-MI gimbal caught our eye. Not just because of the wireless charging but because of the overall versatility at only $109.

Wireless AND wired Charging

Touted as “The World’s First Smartphone Gimbal with Wireless Phone Charging”, the MOZA Mini-MI enables you to keep shooting all day – the internal battery powers the gimbal and your smartphone simultaneously. While this does drain the gimbal’s battery faster, you can then connect an additional smartphone backup battery to continue to power the gimbal and your phone.

That’s what really struck me about this gimbal – that if I’m out in some remote corner of, say, Europe, I can’t necessarily stop to charge my gimbal when it dies. Same goes for my phone. But with a decent sized backup battery, I can charge my gimbal and phone simultaneously and keep on shooting.

What if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging? No problem. The Mini-MI has a 5V 2A USB port located on the pitch arm.

360-degrees of stabilization

One thing you won’t find on all stabilizers is 360° of operation. As stated on their website, “The Mini-MI can achieve 360° rotation in roll axis without limits. Go from a slow Dutch tilt to a quick pan. With the unlimited range of movement, the Mini-MI offers cinematic potential as unlimited as your imagination.”

The MOZA App

One of the other features I’m excited to test out is the MOZA app. You can use the built-in buttons on the handgrip to control, focus, zoom, view photos, create slow-motion time-lapse, panoramas, change ISO, shutter, EV, and white balance.

Motion Timelapse

You read that right. Motion timelapse. Now, of course, there are only so many shots you can get with your phone. You’re not necessarily going to be able to get star trails with your phone. But This is a really cool feature to have – something I’ll definitely use.

Camera accessory mounts

There are a total of four 1/4-20 accessory mounts. The guy I talked to at the MOZA booth at NAB said he’s even stuck an Insta 360 One on his phone and used it as such. Pretty cool!

Other uses for the mounts could be you stick a go pro on there for a different speed or angle, add a mic, small light, whatever!

Final thoughts

This post is NOT a paid endorsement. I just think this gimbal is really cool and it’s not that expensive. Hopefully, I can get my hands on one sooner rather than later (I hope Gudsen is reading this 😉 and I can do a field test and full review which will be on our youtube channel so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned!