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These Black Outdoor Bloggers are Diversifying the Outdoors

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In honor of Black History Month, we thought we’d celebrate some of the adventurous and exceptional black outdoor bloggers and Instagrammers that are diversifying the outdoors and fighting for equal access and a brighter future for everyone on trails near and far! Because the truth is, the outdoors isn’t welcoming and accessible to people from all walks of life (unequal access to the outdoors is real), and we can’t abide by that. So as outdoorists and adventurers ourselves, we want to lift up the voices of those who are walking a different path than we are and promoting a more diverse and inclusive outdoors, one we can all enjoy. We follow and keep tabs on all of the wonderful people and organizations on this list and think you should, too! So follow along with their adventures, learn from them, laugh with them, and let’s hit the trail together!

Black Outdoor Bloggers and Instagrammers

Melanin Base Camp

Celebrating people of color in the outdoors, Melanin Base Camp is a non-profit organization that offer articles, guides, athlete spotlights and more, all in the name of diversifying outdoor sports. The site and Instagram page offers advice and news for outdoorists of color and white folks alike, so tune in and read up no matter who you are! Educate!


Another non-profit aimed at supporting more black outdoorsist, Blackpackers is all about economic equity in outdoor recreation. They provide gear, outdoor excursions and outdoor education for free or at subsidized cost and connect participants with volunteer opportunities, internships, jobs, and post-secondary education resources to create a pipeline from outdoor recreation to outdoor industry careers. Win!

Outdoor Afro

This organization celebrates & inspires black connections and leadership in nature and beyond through conservation events, local meetups, and the celebration of black outdoor athletes and adventurers!

She Colors Nature

Creator, outdoors, activist. Chelsea is all about the outdoors and fighting for equality, plus she’s all about that low-waste lifestyle! She also posts about taking her kids into the outdoors, which is super helpful if you have little ones of your own.

Outdoorsy Diva

Adventure travel FTW! Also, Lauren, founder of Outdoorsy Diva, is hella stylish. But that plays second-fiddle to all the fun adventures (and misadventures) she shares on her blog and insta. It’s all geared toward women who love to travel and explore, so if that’s you, get reading!

Brandi Hikes

This Insta is all about hiking, backpacking, and the outdoors! Brandi shares all manner of outdoor experiences as she pushes boundaries and makes the outdoors a place that feels more welcoming to black women everywhere!

Brown Girl Outdoor World

Demiesha isn’t afraid to point out what’s wrong and what’s missing in our outdoor places and spaces when it comes to equality and BIPOC presence in nature. Her words speak to the changes that need to happen in Canada and beyond.

All Mountain Brothers

Celebrating BIPOC mountain biking and world exploration on two wheels, this instagram pushes the mountain biking industry to be more inclusive and celebrates the athletes of color tearing up single track. An no, it’s not just dudes, btw.


Looking for some thru-hike Inspo? Or just some fun snapshots from Dan as he does his best to shake up the overly-white outdoor industry? An experienced thru-hiker and multi-sport outdoor athlete, he’s also trying to start a sustainable homesteading community, which we can totally get behind.


“L.” Renee Blount is a joyful force in the outdoors. We can’t get enough of her abundantly gleeful smiling face on rock walls and hiking trials. I mean, dang! If there’s anyone happier to be in the outdoors than Renee, we haven’t found them. So go give her a follow and let her infectious smile and passion for the outdoors rub off on you!

Yeah, we know, this is far from an extensive list, but we could go for pages and pages and days and days including all the dope explorers and creators out there! That said, if we missed a black outdoor blogger or influencer you love and support, let us know! We’ll add them to the list! We know how important it is to uplift the voices that have been suppressed and marginalized in the outdoors and we’re happy to step aside and let them encourage folks from all walks of life to get outside and experience the magic of nature! Now get out there and wander on!