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Coconut Cloud Vegan Coffee Creamer

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Coconut Cloud Coffee Creamer
Coconut Cloud vegan coffee creamer.  Photo Credit: Coconut Cloud

Coconut Cloud vegan coffee creamer FTW!

Here’s the thing: we freaking love coffee. You probably already know this about us. It’s the one thing I might be addicted to. As in, if I’m forced to go without it I feel like I might lose my mind. I don’t smoke and hardly drink at all and I’ve given up sugar for a month at a time on multiple occasions, but the one time I was forced to forgo coffee while working at a yoga retreat in Australia, that’s when I knew. I started plotting ways to smuggle it in, bribing a friend to deliver some to me (and the Italian working with us who was also going through withdraw) after his weekend off. It’s a problem.

But I could be addicted to worse things, so I’m not really too concerned about it. What I do get concerned about is how I’m going to drink my coffee when we’re on the road. We usually opt for easy instant. It tastes terrible, but it’s the least trouble when you’re backpacking or road tripping and you don’t want the extra weight or hassle of a press or percolator or what have you. (If you know of a good one you’d like us to review, by all means let us know!) Problem is, while I don’t add sugar to my coffee, I like just a little almond milk to cut the blackness and that’s hard to keep on hand, especially when backpacking.

That’s where Coconut Cloud comes in. I did some searching online for a good powdered vegan coffee creamer and where powdered soy milk was concerned, the reviews were mixed, to say the least. But I took a chance and got my hands on some Coconut Cloud coffee creamer in single-serve vanilla packets, single-serve original packets, and a big ol’ bag of original coconut creamer. And now they even have a vegan hot chocolate mix that you can add to water! What?! Ima be gettin’ some of that before my next camping trip! Check out our video review of some Coconut Cloud vegan coffee creamer products!

Buy some here and use code TERRADRIFT for 10% off your order!

*Full disclosure: Coconut Cloud supplied samples for testing*