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Kelsey Anderson

Press Release: Spokane, Wash. — MAY 11, 2021 — GSI Outdoors today announced a partnership with SeaTrees, an ocean-positive project from the non-profit charity Sustainable Surf. GSI Outdoors has a goal to actively counterbalance its carbon emissions, and SeaTrees, an organization full of great people doing outstanding work to help reverse climate change, is a company that not only aligns with but amplifies GSI’s passions, values, and personality. 

SeaTrees’ mission is to protect and restore critical ocean ecosystems through regenerative planting projects of mangroves, kelp, and coral reefs. The organization connects individual donors and like-minded brands with boots-on-the-ground support and action.

“We are passionate about our commitment to the planet and our goal to actively counterbalance our carbon emissions,” said GSI Outdoors Founder Ian Scott. “We are accomplishing this in many different ways that will make a difference in the ongoing challenge to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on our planet. One way, near and dear to our hearts, is planting trees to help reduce carbon dioxide in the environment and to release oxygen back into the atmosphere.” —GSI Outdoors Founder Ian Scott

GSI’s support is directly supporting the planting of 6,000 mangrove trees at Mida Creek in Watamu, Kenya. Mangrove forests are incredibly efficient, sequestering 5-10 times more CO2 from the atmosphere per hectare than tropical rainforests. Each tree has the potential to capture approximately 300kg of carbon dioxide over its 25-year lifespan, which means our trees can potentially sequester 1,800,000kgs of carbon dioxide!

GSI believes in the importance of consciously designing eco-friendly products and supporting environmental causes/organizations. GSI is committed to the practice of sustainability and will continue to measure, monitor and reduce its carbon footprint. In addition to supporting great organizations like SeaTrees, the company is actively taking measures to reduce the impact of its packaging, product lines, and supply chain.

For more information on GSI, visit their website or follow on Instagram or Facebook. To learn more about SeaTrees, follow on Instagram or visit their website.  

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