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Experience Cozy Comfort with these 5 Sustainable Camp Slippers

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There’s no better way to keep your toes toasty around the campground, in a hut after a long day of backcountry skiing, or in your tent on a winter night than a cozy pair of camp slippers. In fact, we can’t believe we went as long as we did without owning a pair (or three)! But now that we do we can say for certain: camp booties are a game-changer.

But these slippers aren’t just for camping. Heck no! Sure, they’re maybe designed to wear around camp or inside your tent or sleeping bag, but some of them are just as well suited for wearing around the house, slipping on to run out to get the mail, or even popping into the grocery store after a long day of skiing to grab a frozen pizza (just me?).

Now, why THESE slippers and camp booties as opposed any of the other tons of options out there? Simple. They’re more sustainable. By which we mean they’re not only made of more responsible materials like recycled plastic bottles, but they’re from responsible brands, too. AND all of them are totally PFAS-free and vegan (meaning no down). Which makes them the best camping slippers in our book.

Sustainable Camp Slippers

The Sanuk Puffy Chiller slipper.
The Sanuk Puffy Chiller slipper.

Sanuk Puffy Chiller

The Sanuk Puffy Chiller is a delightful cross between a shoe and a slipper. The sole is nice and thick and has sufficient traction so you can wear them not just around the cabin or campground, but to the grocery store or around the ski lodge parking lot.

The heel is designed to collapse so you can either just slide them on or wear them in full slipper mode. There’s a hint of arch support and the foam in the footbed is soft and squishy, as you’d expect from Sanuk. It does kind of feel like wearing platform shoes because the sole is so thick, but maybe that’s just because we’re used to more minimal-style shoes.

They feel nice and toasty and insulated and while they aren’t super plush in that department–the uppers and sole are a bit stiff– they’ll certainly keep your tootsies safe from the cold for a while. Josh wore them in the snow while milling about the campground for over an hour while he cooked dinner and enjoyed the fire with no complaints about the cold.

Basically, between the durability and style, these would make perfect slippers for camping, to keep in your trailer, or toss in the back of your car so after you’re done skiing or hiking you can kick off your boots and drive home in comfort. Heck, you could even stop at the grocery store on your way and nobody would look at you sideways.

Plus, check out those retro vibes! And they’re sustainable thanks to the massive amount of recycled materials and a midsole made with 55% sugarcane-based EVA foam.

Best use: These are definitely more suitable for outdoor wear than many of the options on this list. In fact, they may be MORE suitable for post-hike coffee runs and campground rambles than indoor use on in-tent use.

Pro tip: Order a half-size up as they run a bit snug.

The Big Agnes Full Moon Camp Booties.
The Big Agnes Full Moon Camp Booties.

The Big Agnes Full Moon Camp Booties

I love these camp booties for one main reason: They’re ultralight. As in, a medium only weighs 5.6 oz. Meaning I will absolutely be taking these backpacking with me on cold-weather trips. But also: they’re super cozy. I wore them in my tent on a recent winter camping trip, wore them as sleeping bag slippers when I went t bed, and my feet weren’t chilly in the slightest. A minor miracle for me.

Now, these are definitely more of an inside slipper than an outside slipper. They aren’t designed to be worn for more than a few steps outside a hut or a tent or a camper. The soles are durable, but not that durable.

They are, however, designed to keep your feet cozy while kickin’ it outta the cold or while getting cozy in your sleeping bag. And frankly, I love wearing them around the house. The higher rise and cinch cord mean they stayed on my feet no matter what and the recycled synthetic insulation was so light and fluffy, all without unnecessary stiff soles or arch support; it felt more like walking around barefoot. But warmer. Huzzah!

Seriously, I wanted to wear them everywhere. Will they be as warm and cozy if you expose your feet to the cold, say in a tailgate situation apres-ski? Well, no, because theat’s not what they’re designed to do. But if you’re looking for a way to keep your tootsies cozy while backpacking, these are definitely the ticket.

Best use: Perfect for inside your tent or around the house/hut/cabin/car.

Pro tip: Show a foot warmer in these booties on extra cold nights and your feet have never been warmer.

The Merrell Hut Moc 2 Packable camp slipper.
The Merrell Hut Moc 2 Packable camp slipper.

Packable Merrell Hut Moc 2

Looking for a packable slipper to take on any adventure? Check out the Packable Merrell Hut Moc 2 (also available in a standard version). What makes these camp moccasins so packable? The addition of a zipper that allows you to zip both individual slippers together with the fabric sides facing in. That way, if you’re taking these hiking or backpacking or skiing touring or whatever, you can clip them to the outside of your pack and only the soles will be exposed to the elements, thereby protecting the fabric bits from getting wet or dirty. Huzzah!

And honestly, that feature can come in pretty handy. It really does make them easy to throw in a bag–or clip onto your bag–and not have to worry about digging for the other slipper or getting them scraped up or filthy on your way to the campground (or everything inside your pack filthy if you were to just toss them in with your clothes or lunch.

Plus the soles are thick but lightweight–a pair weighs about 12 oz, depending on the size–and provide plenty of protection from the cold ground. They’re plenty roomy in the toe box, which is a plus and will keep your toes from feeling smashed, especially if you tend to prefer naturally-shaped footwear (have you seen our Merrell Trail Glove 7 review?). Plus there’s a collapsible heel so you can slip them on or wear them more like secure shoes.

Walking in them as a slip-on does feel a bit funky, though. But it’s easy enough to just slide the heel cup up and out. The footbed isn’t plush, per se, but they are comfortable enough, especially if you’ve been wearing boots all day, and they’re fairly minimalist despite the thickness of the sole. Plus, the webbing, mesh lining, and insole are made of 100% recycled materials and the outsole is made of BLOOM performance foam, which contains algae biomass, which actually transforms algae-tainted water into clean water during harvesting.

They do come in several colors for men and women, by the way. They’re not the warmest on this list, but if it’s a packable, multi-functional moc you’re after, these’ll do nicely.

Best use: Frankly, these would be perfect for a hut trip, but also to just keep in your car to change into after hiking or skiing or whatever. Get your feet outta your boots, get comfy for the drive home, heck, you could even wear them into the grocery store.

Pro tip: The traction doesn’t do as well in deep snow or super icy surfaces, so keep that in mind.

The Rab Cirrus Hut Slipper.
The Rab Cirrus Hut Slipper.

Rab Cirrus Hut Slipper

The Rab Cirrus Hut Slipper (which is also available in a camp bootie) is a great mix of a house slipper and a hut slipper that you could also totally take backpacking in addition to camping. There’s just enough foam in the footbed to give it a bit of squish, so it’s comfy, but it’s still very minimal. The upper is nice and light and filled with cozy recycled synthetic insulation and you can wear it as a slip-on, but it’s super easy to grab that big pull loop and just pop your heel right in. 

Obviously the bottom isn’t quite as well suited for wearing outdoors, it’s more of an inside slipper, but it’s durable enough to take a few steps outside if you, you know, have to pee or grab the newspaper or something.  The outer fabric, lining, and synthetic insulation are all made of recycled materials–just about everything but the soles. And, fun fact, Rab is a Climate Neutral Certified company and member of Fair Wear. Plus they have a repair service center so you can get your Rab gear repaired if it starts to wear. Huzzah!

They only weigh about 172g per pair, depending on the size, of course, which means they’re plenty light (and compressible) to take into the backcountry with you on all manner of adventures. They’re available in 4 colors and all the sizes, by the way, and these are easily one of my favorite pairs to wear around the house in addition to the campground. 

Best use: Best for wearing inside tents and sleeping bags and indoors, but durable enough for quick jaunts outside.

Pro tip: Get the bootie style to keep your feet even cozier inside your sleeping bag.

The North Face ThermoBall Traction Mules (left) & Booties (right)
The North Face ThermoBall Traction Mules (left) & Booties (right)

The North Face ThermoBall Traction Mules & Booties

Need a slipper that’s just as comfy and capable inside as outside? Enter the ThermoBall Traction Mules and Booties from The North Face. The outsoles are nice and stiff and offer plenty of traction, which means you can wear them to the grocery or to run our and grab the mail, the foam in the footbed is dense, which offers a touch of support if you’re into that sort of thing, and the lining in the mules is a high-pile fleece that’s soft and comfortable for all-day wear around the house, the cabin, or inside the tent. They’re easy to slide on and off and the heel of the mules collapses so you can wear them as a slip-on.

At first glance, they seemed better suited for outdoor or on-the-go wear (think driving from the ski resort) than indoor wear thanks to the stiffer sole and less flexible upper, but after more testing and consideration, we changed our tune a bit. Even thought they’re slightly more shoe-like than house slipper-like, they struck a delightful balance better than the other options on this list. Meaning if you want one slipper that does it all, this might be your best bet. Also: they’re just snug enough to feel like a hug for your feet.

A pair weighs about 14.2oz, depending on the size, they’re available in a ton of colors, and come in sizes 5-11 for women and 7-14 for men. The uppers are made of 100% recycled ripstop and have a PFC-free DWR, they’re insulated with ThermoBall™ Eco 100% recycled polyester insulation, and the outsole is made with up to 20% recycled rubber.

Best use: Best for situations where you’ll be transitioning from indoors to out and need comfy warmth but also a durable, waterproof sole.

Pro tip: The bootie style will keep your feet even cozier and looks more like stylish winter booties (if you plan to wear them out in public).

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sustainable camp slippers, one of these is bound to be just the thing. Frankly, we never want to take them off! And check out this post if you’re looking for a cozy pair of hiking socks to pair with them. Then keep those tootsies warm and get out there and wander on (yup, even when it’s cold).

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