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Gift Guide for Road Trippers

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People who are constantly on the move can be tough to buy for. I know because my mother tells me so every birthday and Christmas. So instead of getting them more stuff they don’t need or can’t fit in their car, offer a gift that promises to make their travels that much more pleasant. So without further adieu, here’s our handy holiday gift guide for road trips!

1. 42 Utility Towel

It’s perfect for so many occasions that a traveler might encounter on the road. Because as every Douglas Adams fan knows, when hitchhiking the galaxy you should always know where your towel is.

2. Road Trip USA Books

Maps and apps are great, but sometimes you want to plot your course on paper and browse all the fantastic sites you’ll come across along the way all in one place. These road trip books from Moon are just the thing and with colorful photos and descriptions, you just can’t go wrong. Order one here.

3. Atlas

GPS technology has come a long way and most wanderers wouldn’t head out the door without one, but there’s just nothing that can replace a good ol’ road atlas. We like this one with the spiral binding so you can easily leave it open to the map you want and stash it in the door or glove box when you don’t need it. Grab one here.

4. Travelin’ USA Towel

Yeah, I know, another towel. But this one is so cool! It’s so very utilitarian (important when deciding what to make room for in the back seat) and creative, too! It comes with only the outline of the US which the recipients can then personalize by doodling, coloring in, painting, etc. to show off all the states they’ve visited. See, I told you it was cool. Order one here.


AAudiobooksare a must-have for those really logging the miles from the drivers seat. There are so many titles available they are sure to find one they’ll love if you include a subscription in their stocking. Score them a subscription here.

6. National Parks Pass

If you know someone who can’t get enough of the beauty of nature, nab them an annual pass to the National Parks. For $80 ($10 for seniors) they can get in free to any and all of them for a whole year! (For perspective it costs about $25 to get into one.) Yellowstone, here we come! You can also get them an REI gift card and let them pick up a pass at their nearest store.

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