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New Ozery Bakery Vegan Bread Comes to Austin

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I love bread. I love it even more when there’s a big V right on the front of the packaging so I don’t have to go searching through a column of tiny text eight inches long to find out if it contains dairy, eggs or honey. Or, apparently, fish oil. No joke. I found bread with fish oil in it the other day. WTF? Who puts fish oil in bread? Not Ozery Bakery, a Canadian company that now sells their goods in Sprouts and HEB stores in Austin. We did the hard work for you and sampled the new Ozery Bakery vegan bread and are now offering our two cents.

Check out the video below, but if you want the short and sweet version: it’s vegan, not gluten-free, a little sweet and hella fresh. You gotta keep it in the freezer if you can’t devour it the day you bring it home. My fave: the cherry cocoa snacking rounds. Just the right amount of sweet and bitter for a quick afternoon treat. Get some!

Have your own favorite vegan bread? Share it in the comments. Maybe it’ll become our favorite vegan bread! Wander (and eat) on!