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Vegan Sustenance at WHyld Ass in Flagstaff, Arizona

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NOTE: Permanently Closed

vegan at whyld ass in flagstaff arizona
After backpacking in Grand Canyon National Park, all I wanted was vegan pancakes. These buckwheat pancakes from WHyld Ass in Flagstaff did quite nicely.

When you pass through a new city and there’s really only one vegan restaurant, you should consider yourself extremely lucky if it’s as amazing as WHyld Ass in Flagstaff. Usually, when you emerge from the wilderness after backpacking for four days (as we had just done after completing a rim-to-rim excursion at Grand Canyon National Park), anything that isn’t freeze-dried tastes amazing. But WHyld Ass? It was next-level greatness.

vegan at whyld ass in flagstaff arizona
There’s a chill, unpretentious vibe inside WHyld Ass in Flagstaff, Arizona.

First of all, props to Keith Wyatt, Jr., the owner and chef at WHyld Ass in Flagstaff, for not grimacing in disgust when we walked through his door after literally coming straight from the canyon. We hadn’t showered, though we had managed to change our clothes (nothing feels better than cotton after four days at 115 degrees in full synthetic), and probably didn’t smell awesome. I know what you’re thinking: you watched the video below and are pretty impressed with how not disgusting I look. I know. It’s a gift.

Second of all, we were just happy to be sitting on proper chairs in an air-conditioned restaurant, so when our food was delivered, the fact that it was on. point. was exceedingly refreshing. Also, I love any place that allows me to order pancakes any time of day. Because whoever decided that pancakes should strictly be a breakfast food is a closed-minded buffoon. Deal with it. So we got buckwheat pancakes with a berry and carob drizzle and brekky burrito with chipotle cashew gravy (because, um, cashew gravy!), both daily specials.

vegan at whyld ass in flagstaff arizona
The breakfast burrito with chipotle cashew gravy. Nom nom.

Other menu items include grilled cheese, stuffed French toast, nori rolls, quesadillas, falafel, lentil loaf…seriously, if you want it, WHyld Ass in Flagstaff has it–from down-home Southern cooking to Asian to healthy salads and everything in between. Also, you know, cake ‘n’ stuff. It’s all vegan, GMO-free, organic, scratch-made, and deeelicious. I know we won’t miss an opportunity to visit again when we find ourselves in Flagstaff!

Check out our video on WHyld Ass in Flagstaff below! Have a favorite dish at WHyld Ass or activity in the city? Share it below! Wander on!