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Shop for a Cause: Outdoorsy Brands that Give Back to Parks

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These days, more consumers want their purchases to do good. And more brands are realizing they have the power to make a difference. So these brands are giving back to the natural places and spaces we all love, donating a percentage of every purchase to parks, forests, and public lands with every item sold. So what are you waiting for?! Wear your love for the outdoors on your sleeve (literally) and support outdoor initiatives with every purchase with these outdoorsy brands that give back to parks. Clothing yourself in dope gear never felt so good!

Outdoorsy Brands that Give Back to Parks

Outdoorsy Brands that Give Back: Wild Tribute Yosemite T-shirt.

Wild Tribute

Wild Tribute’s goal is to help you look good and do good with every purchase. The brand donates 4% of proceeds to national parks and public lands and wants nothing more than to get folks excited about protecting and preserving our parks and forests. So snag a colorful shirt, hat, or whatever strikes your fancy and get out there! The tees are suuuper soft and the designs are dope. Check them all out here.

Outdoorsy Brands that Give Back: Park Project long sleeve Tee with Texas National Parks.

Parks Project

Specializing in cool, retro designs for the millennial crowd, Parks Project donates a percentage of proceeds from the sale of every product to national parks and park programs. What kind of products? Shirts, bandanas, mugs, tote bags, you name it, all with original, fun and funky designs. So support your favorite park and proclaim your love for the outdoors with every purchase. Find several of their designs at REI and way more at

Outdoorsy Brands that Give Back: The Landmark Project Smokey T-shirt.

The Landmark Project

The Landmark Project celebrates the outdoors with all sorts of products besides just clothing: notebooks, posters, stickers and more. But it’s their Smokey (you know…the bear?) apparel that does more. For every classic Smokey apparel item the brands sells, they donate 10% to the US Forest Service for Wildfire Prevention Education. Find several of the brand’s styles on REI and more on


This list wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to our own shirts! Made with organic cotton so they are kinder to the planet, every design was created by us to celebrate the outdoors (and our love for it) in all its splendor. Plus, we will donate 5% of the profits from every sale to the National Park Foundation. Win-win. Find all of our designs here!

Bottom Line

Now go forth and clothe yourself with sweet clothing and gear from these outdoorsy brands that give back to parks. Because there’s nothing better than feeling good about supporting and protecting the outdoor places and spaces we all love and promoting access to it for everyone.

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