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Backpacking Checklist

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Backpacking requires certain essentials. Don't forget to pack them!
Backpacking requires certain essentials. Don’t forget to pack them!

Headed into the great outdoors for some quality time with nature? Gonna sleep under the stars and get sweaty and dirty and eat dinner with a spork while comfortably situated on a fallen log? Yeah, you are. But don’t forget to pack the essentials when you head into the wilderness. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this backpacking checklist so you’ll never have to ask what to pack for a backcountry backpacking trip again.

Backpacking Checklist (Packing List)

For safety

  • first aid kit with moleskin, antihistamine tablets, painkillers, and bandages at the very least
  • whistle
  • mirror (for signaling, not primping)
  • knife or multitool
  • headlamp or flashlight
  • insect repellent
  • sunscreen (vegan, of course)
  • hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes
  • water purifier (we like this Sawyer)
  • map and compass
  • nylon cord for hanging a bear bag (and a whole lot more)
  • bear bag or stuff sack (several, preferably)

For sleeping

For eating

For…other things…

  • cat hole shovel
  • toilet paper
  • extra zip-top bags for garbage

For your person

  • a backpacking backpack (obvs…read about finding one that fits here)
  • clothing appropriate for the climate (synthetic fabrics)
  • hats (one beanie, one sun hat)
  • vegan hiking shoes/boots and socks (no cotton)
  • trekking poles (optional but recommended)
  • personal care items (contact solution, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • sunglasses
  • lip balm with SPF
  • travel towel (we love our 42 towel)

Want to know what else we pack to make our backpacking trips even more baller? Check em out here. They’re a little less common, but we wouldn’t go trekking without them! And if you want tips for gearing up, look no further than this post about gearing up on a budget.

Wander on.

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