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Our Favorite Sustainable Outdoor Gear for Fall – 2021

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It’s fall, y’all! Now please excuse the obnoxious colloquialism (I do NOT say “y’all”…unless it happens to rhyme…) and let’s focus on the coolest gear for the season. We’ve rounded up 10 of our new favorite items that are perfect for fall outdoor adventures. And we’re pretty sure you’re gonna dig ’em, too. So check out our favorite sustainable outdoor gear for fall and feel good about gearing up.

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie in blue.

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie

This is our new go-to mid layer for cool-weather backpacking adventures. Why? Because it’s ultralight and packs up ultra small, that’s why. Plus, it’s water resistant, filled with cozy synthetic insulation, is stretchy, has thumb loops (!) and vent holes in the armpits. And did we mention it’s suuuuper light? As in only 7 oz? Yeah. Love. And we’re sure you’ll love it, too. Preorder it here (it will ship in November).

Patagonia Snap-T

Patagonia Snap-T

Recycled synthetic fleece doesn’t get any cozier than this. Warm, roomy, and oh so soft, it’s our go-to fleece for chilly hikes and evenings around the fireside alike. Seriously, when doing a significant amount of camping around New England this summer and fall, it got pulled out of the duffle every single night. Bonus: it comes in a bunch of colors for men and women. Find it here.

People Footwear Lennon Sandal in grey and green.

People Footwear Lennon Sandal

I know, sandals on a list of outdoor gear for fall?! But here me out. If you live in a southern state like we do, well, fall just means less hot. And if you live in a more temperate climate, well, fall days can still be nice. And when they’re not, we’re huge proponents of socks with sandals and the Lennon slide (unlike flip flops) makes it easy to keep socks on and still get into some comfy footwear. There are rules, though, for socks with sandals: the socks have to be fun colors or patterns. Otherwise they’re just dad shoes. Find them here.

Rab Downpour Eco rain jacket

Rab Downpour Eco Rain Jacket

You know we love sustainable rain jackets here at Terradrift. And the Rab Downpour Eco fit the bill nicely. Not only did it keep us dry in some torrential downpours during a recent backpacking trip, it uses PFC-free DWR and it’s made of a mono-polymer, which means it can even be recycled at the end of its life! Find the Downpour Eco for men and women on REI.

Camp Eyewear sunglasses, Trail style.

Camp Sunglasses

We love a good pair of sustainable sunglasses! And the new Camp line from Shwood is a more affordable and stylish option than Shwood’s main line. Plus, they come packaged in a tiny protective sleeping bag together with a keeper cord so you don’t lose them when setting up camp. Oh, and did we mention the arms feature rad looking wood inlays and the plastic is bio-based?? Find them on REI here.

The Rumple's Original puffy blanket in prism.


No list of outdoor gear for fall would be complete without a blanket, because fall means cooler weather. Which means more cozying up around the fire. Or on the patio. Or on the couch. Or if you’re in Texas, it means it’s once again prime picnic season. Whatever you’re doing, a sturdy, stylish blanket is a must. Bonus points if you can also buckle it around your shoulders and wear it as a wrap or fashion it into a hammock underquilt or stake it down to use as a picnic blanket. Yup. The Rumpl can do it all. Plus is comes in lots of dope patterns and colors. We like the Original and slightly smaller NanoLoft, both of which are filled with recycled synthetic insulation.

The RovR KeepR.

RovR KeepR

Nothing beats a backyard or campground cocktail party, am I right? But how do you keep all your mixin’s and fixin’s organized and separate? And what about ice? You can’t just scoop it out of your cooler. That crap’s filthy! You need the KeepR by RovR. It’s a handy dandy portable cocktail tote complete with customizable dividers, easy carry handle, and yes, even an insulated ice bucket. If you like to entertain in the outdoors, this is gonna be your jam. Find it here.

Crazy Cap Bottle in black

Crazy Cap

Fall is no time to stop staying hydrated. So drink up, and make it purified water. But don’t mess with those disposable filters that are just gonna end up in a landfill; get a UV purification bottle instead. The newest one we’ve tried: The Crazy Cap. It comes in several colors, keeps your water cold, and the UV light in the lid both sanitizes the inside of the bottle and purifies water of dubious cleanliness. You can even take off the lid and use the light to sanitize your phone or travel silverware kit (we know you have one). Find it here.

Nikwax Tech Wash bundle.

Nikwax Gear Care

Listen, if you’ve spent the summer playing outside (or if you plan to spend the fall and winter playing outside), it’s time to give your gear some much-needed love. That means cleaning and protecting. Both of which can make clothing and gear like rain jackets, tents, fleece jackets, base layers, backpacks, you name it, last longer and do their job better (like keep you dry in the rain). So get yourself some Nikwax, a brand that puts an emphasis on sustainable formulas, and stock up on shoe cleaner, tent solar wash, wash-in waterproofer, you name it. Just take care of your gear. Find the whole Nikwax lineup on REI here.

Beyond Clothing Hiking Pants

Need some new hiking pants for fall? Beyond Clothing has you covered. Literally. Well, your knees and ankles, anyway. The brand puts sustainability at the forefront of everything they do and some of our favorite new hiking pants–the Sojourn for women and the Avid Ultralight K4 for men–are made of either Bluesign or OEKO-TEX materials (or both). Plus the brand supports research to increase honey bee populations, prints their hang tags on seed paper that you can plant to grow pollinator-friendly flowers, uses compostable or recyclable packaging, uses eco-friendly production practices, and donates and advocates to social and environmental non-profits. Learn more here.

Bottom Line

Enjoy yourself and get outdoors this season. Whether you’re leaf-peeping in New England, donning cozy layers in the PNW, or enjoying prime camping season in the south, this sustainable outdoor gear for fall will almost certainly make time outside more enjoyable. Now get out there and wander on!

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