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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Outdoor Gifts for Adventurers

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Every year we eagerly anticipate our holiday gift guide. Not just because we get to seek out and round up all of the coolest outdoor gear, but because we secretly hope our families will take note and we’ll find something exciting under the tree, too! So here’s our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide with the 10 best outdoor gifts for adventurers. Use it, abuse it, just trust it and know that everything on this list we’ve either tested, tried, and loved, or we’d be totally stoked to receive ourselves. So whether you’re buying for yourself or your loved ones, this holiday season, gift with confidence, then go outside and play! Wander on!

The Best Outdoor Gifts for Adventurers

Larq Bottle Movement

We loved the original LARQ bottle for its double-walled insulation and UV purification. We love the LARQ Bottle Movement, too. It’s almost the exact same size, but it’s lighter and holds more liquid (24 ounces compared to the original’s 17). There’s even a 32-ounce version available! Now we’re even more likely to carry it with us when we travel and venture into the backcountry. Order one of 4 colors here. Plus, they”re offering free shipping for Christmas starting on December 20. Use code TDXMAS or shop at this link for 10% back in store credit if you order a gift card.

Parks Project mugs

Parks Project

After hanging with Parks Project in California for Yosemite Facelift, we can’t get enough of their  cool products. From vintage T’s to enamel mugs to hats displaying your park pride, you can suit up and feel good doing it because a percentage of all sales goes back to funding park projects (get the name now?). Wear your park love on our sleeve (literally) and check out their sweet park swag here.

Jaybird Vista best outdoor gifts

Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Sport Headphones

We love the idea of “earthproof” wireless earbuds. Cause we ain’t got time to baby our electronics. These guys recharge right in the case and can play your tunes for up to 16 hours. They also have a microphone, which means you can use them to make phone calls. And since they are waterproof, sweatproof, shockproof, etc., you can take them with you wherever you roam and not have to worry about damaging them (or untangling cords). Get a pair here.

Stasher Bags

Stasher Bags

Yay for reducing reliance on single-use plastics! We have long been guilty of relying on plastic zip-top bags for travel and backcountry use ranging from cooking food to containing batteries. And we’ve always felt a little guilty about it. Not anymore! With a variety of silicone Stasher bags that you can wash, boil, freeze, stuff, stash, and store indefinitely, you can practically eliminate reliance on single-use plastic bags. If you know someone who loves the planet as much as we do, order any and all of your favorite sizes here.

gift guide arcade ranger belt

Arcade Ranger Belt

I know. You’re thinking, “A belt? Really? For Christmas?” Hear me out. It’s soft, it’s stretchy (which makes it great for outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking), and that buckle? Made of plastic. You know what that means? You don’t have to take it off when you go through airport security. Score! Order one of several colors here (but take note that other designs sometimes contain leather).

holiday gift guide gps watch

GPS Watch

In this age of information, we all want to know our heart rate while hiking, our altitude, the temperature, and how far we’ve hiked. And we want it all in one place. This Suunto Traverse watch gets good reviews and will track it all. Be warned, though: most GPS watches are gigantic, so if you have small wrists, prepare for your watch to take up 1/3 of your forearm. They’re also not cheap. But if you’re looking to splurge on one of the best outdoor gifts there is, do so with confidence! Find one here.

gift guide puffy vest best outdoor gifts

Puffy Vest

All we really want for Christmas is a puffy vest. But finding a stylish model without down is easier said than done. Good thing Patagonia makes a Micro Puff insulated vest that’s fully synthetic. And it comes in classic black, which is always our fave. Find the women’s version here and the men’s here.

gift guide trail quilt

Kammok Trail Quilt

Other products that are often filled with down are trail quilts. But not this one! The Kammok Bobcat 55º trail quilt is filled with synthetic insulation (but be wary: the 45º is down-filled) and can be used as a blanket, an underquilt for your Kammok hammock (how fun is that to say?), or as a picnic blanket. And as someone who always keeps a blanket in the back of her car in case any of those situations arise, I can’t recommend a good trail quilt heartily enough. Order one here, and if you shop on Saturday, Nov. 30, claim 20% off!

gift guide hip pack

A Quirky Hip Pack

I’m not gonna lie, half the reason we love these packs is because their logo is a rabbit. That’s all it takes to win us over, apparently. And while we’ve never considered ourselves hip pack people, it’s a trend that’s obviously not going away soon. Besides, we don’t mind the cross-body look as long as the pack doesn’t look like a throwback to the ’90s. Find your fave design here (No longer available, but here are some other fanny packs). And while you’re at it, get a quirky stuff sack (no longer available. Check these out instead) to match.

gift guide Birkenstocks best outdoor gifts

Birkenstock Sandals

No, not the leather ones. The EVA ones. Why? Because they make great camp shoes AND great travel shoes. They weigh virtually nothing so you can clip them to the outside of your pack with ease and wear them around camp to let your feet breathe, but they are also awesome road trip/travel shoes because they slip on and off and you can totally wear socks with them (maybe these socks?). Get a pair in your favorite color here.

Need more ideas? Check out our past holiday gift guides here. And keep an eye out, because we’ll post another mini gift guide with more of the best outdoor gifts every week until Christmas! Wander on!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Which means maybe we’ll be able to by one another gifts this year…