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The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms 2024

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Gifts for outdoorsy moms

Stop getting your mom cheesy mugs, crappy candy, and flowers that are just gonna die in a surprisingly short 2.5 days. She doesn’t want that crap. She told us. She wants to play outside instead. So snag her one of these gifts for outdoorsy moms instead this Mother’s Day and make her (or them) a truly happy camper.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms 2024

Cotopaxi Tolima Overall Dress

I’m not usually a “dress person.” The number of athletic shorts in my closet outnumber skirts probably 10-to-1. But when a dress this outdoorsy and functional steps onto the scene, well, it’s hard to ignore. And the Tolima Overall Dress is just that: functional, playful, and down to explore. It has two hand pockets (an absolute must on a dress, in my opinion), a zippered pocket on the front, adjustable shoulder straps, and the whole thing is made of stretchy and durable recycled nylon. Plus, Cotopaxi is a super sustainable and responsible brand. So heck yes we’ll wear this to go camping, hiking, lounging, picnicking, and/or around town! It is a bit on the short side for hiking, so tell mom to don a pair of spandex short underneath if she’s concerned about exposure.

Deuter Speed Lite CV

Deuter Speed Lite CR SL

We produced a whole video review of this daypack, but suffice it to say: this may be one of our new fave small backpacks, which means there’s a good chance it’ll be hers, too. It’s lightweight, packable, has the perfect configuration of pockets, including a large stretchy pocket on the front, isn’t too big or too small, and offers a comfortable way to carry all her necessities (and maybe a sandwich or two for you if you ask nicely). The SL version is even designed for shorter torsos and women’s bodies. Bonus: It’s made of recycled materials and comes with Deuter’s robust lifetime warranty.

Matador Gear Cube Set

If your mom loves to keep things organized in her bag as much as we do (even if she doesn’t have a travel bag like the Matador SEG28 we reviewed), then get that woman a set of packing cubes! We like the Matador Gear Cube Set for stashing everything from clothing to small gear items because the materials are super sturdy and durable, they offer just a touch of compression, and they help keep everything in its place whether she’s jetting off around the world or road tripping across the state. Plus, they’re made out of recycled nylon, are Bluesign approved, and are PFAS-free.

Dragon Opus Upcycled Sunglasses

Style AND sustainability? You betcha. That is, if you get mom a pair of Opus upcycled sunnies from Dragon. They’re made of recycled plastic bottles, come in a handful of colors, and look just as rad on the trail as they do the farmers market, floating the river, the beer festival, a sunny patio…you get the picture. Plus they fit a variety of face sizes (including small ones like mine). Score her a pair of more sustainable sunnies this season.

Tara Kaia Basewear

I have a thing for alpine lakes. And when I say “thing,” I mean I can’t stop myself from jumping in when on a long hike, trail run, or bike ride. If your mom suffers from a similar condition, you need to get her some basewear from Tara Kaia, a small, woman-owned brand that makes bras and underwear that double as swimwear. Because these sports bras, underwear, and fitted shorts (with pockets!) function just as beautifully for day-to-day workouts and hikes where moisture-wicking and fast-drying are a must as they do in the water. We think that makes them the perfect gift for someone who likes to take the plunge but either doesn’t like to do it in their skivvies and never brings a spare swimsuit or who just needs a comfy pair of undergarments for outdoor activity.

Alpine Start Coffee with Benefits

Alpine Start makes our favorite instant coffee, vegan creamer, and dirty chai, hands down. In fact, it’s the only instant coffee we will voluntarily (and happily) choose over lugging a heavy coffee-making device to the campground or into the backcountry. It’s delicious, totally dairy-free, and offers the tasty boost we need to pack up and get moving in the morning. And now, it has benefits! As in, adaptogens and nootropics to boost immunity and focus. There are three new options: latte with benefits, matcha with benefits, and oat milk with benefits, plus straight up coffee with benefits. Get her caffeinated this Mother’s Day.

GSI Glacier Minimalist

Is mom a minimalist? At least when it comes to backpacking? If she enjoys a solo camping trip every once in a while or likes to go with friends who tend to carry their own cookset and dinner preparation methods, there may be no better gift than the GSI Glacier Minimalist pot. It’s made of lightweight stainless steel (no PFAS here), is the perfect size for boiling water to rehydrate meals for one person, and when you flip the lid over, the pot even doubles as a mug! It comes with a tiny silicone grabber so she doesn’t burn her hands when removing the pot from her camp stove, an insulating sleeve so she can hold it comfortably while sipping, and a folding spork, all of which nestle inside the pot with a fuel canister and small stove. Huzzah!

Kula Cloth

There may not be a more budget-friendly but game-changing piece of gear on the market for people who squat to pee. So if your mom doesn’t have a Kula Cloth yet, she needs one. Like, for real. It’s a reusable and anti-microbial pee cloth that you use instead of toilet paper when going #1, dries fast, folds up for privacy, and comes in tons of fun colors and patterns, so you’ll definitely find one that suits her outdoorsy personality. I never head to a trailhead without one snapped to my backpack and neither will she. (Wanna get her the whole package? Check out our review of Gnara Go There Pants and shorts designed to make peeing outdoors easier!)

Montane Protium Hoodie

Montane Protium Hoodie

Proper layering is essential when it comes to gearing up and heading outdoors, especially in should seasons or when heading to the mountains where elevation can mean rapidly shifting temps. Fortunately, there’s the comfy, stretchy, fitted, cozy Protium Hoodie from European brand Montane. It’s made of recycled materials, is PFAS-free, is available in several colors, and it layers beautifully under cozier layers like a lightweight puffy jacket. One note on sizing: they run small (I’m wearing US 6) and women’s fits do tend to be roomy in the bust. One ding: there are no thumb holes (I like thumb holes, OK?). But I love the grid fleece interior, the zippered hand pockets that also function as vents, and the drop pockets on the inside (perfect for a pair of sunnies or a bandana).

Deliberate Life Designs Barefoot Sandals

If you saw our barefoot sandal review last summer, you know that one of my absolute fave pairs of sandals are from a small Vermont brand, Deliberate Life Designs. And they just released an even comfier pair this spring! The soles are flexible and available in several thicknesses and the straps are soft, supple, and oh so comfy on your feet. What’s more, the webbing (aka: straps) are made of upcycled rope from Black Diamond, which means they’re keeping waste out of landfills by putting it to use instead! They come in a whole bunch of colors, and you can even choose a foot shape based on your mom’s foot (or get one custom-made) so not only will they fit perfectly, but they’ll almost definitely become her go-to sandals for barefoot hikes, changing out of climbing shoes at the crag, paddle trips, and walks around the neighborhood. Use code TERRADRIFT at checkout for 10% off!

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing Mother’s Day gifts for Outdoorsy Moms, you can’t go wrong with any of the above. We’ve tested and tried them all and give ’em a big ‘ol thumbs up (and think plenty of moms will, too). Go gear up, take them outside this Mother’s Day, and wander on together.

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