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Vegan Travel Tips – 7 Vegan Bloggers’ Tips for Traveling While Vegan

A vegan diet is the single most impactful thing an individual can do to make a difference when it comes to climate change. So maybe you’re thinking of trying a vegan diet to reduce your footprint. Maybe you’re going all-in with a full vegan lifestyle. Or maybe you’re just trying to cut back on meat because of the serious environmental ramifications of factory farming. But maybe you don’t think you can eat vegan and travel the world. These vegan bloggers beg to differ. So no more excuses. Eat sustainably when you travel, no matter where in the world you are, with these vegan travel tips from seven adventurous and sustainable vegan travel bloggers and influencers.

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Sustainable Travel Tips – Tips for More Sustainable Travel

While it’s true that most of us aren’t traveling extensively right now, many of us are still tooling around our respective states in our trusty road-trip-mobiles, camping at nearby state parks, or playing outside in our own (sometimes literal) backyards. And it’s probably safe to say that most of us are looking forward to the day in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future when we can hop on a plane and enjoy some proper adventure travel again. Either way, it’s always a good time to talk about sustainable travel. So whether you’re just milling around town, road tripping across the state, or flying off for an international itinerary (one day…), here are some sustainable travel tips for more eco-friendly adventures, wherever they might be.

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Road Trip Essentials – What to Pack For an Epic Road Trip

A lot of travel plans got canceled this year. International travel is largely off-limits and most people aren’t too keen on the idea of flying across the country, either. So naturally, a lot of folks are shifting travel plans to include road trips. And while we can’t in good conscience recommend you embark upon “The Great American Roadtrip” this year, a close-to-home jaunt may be an acceptable alternative (as long as you do it safely and responsibly). But driving across the country or across the state still comes with its own set of complications (even if you don’t require a passport), so we’re gonna break it down. Here’s a solid list of road trip essentials that we’ve compiled based on years of experience (and more than a few flat tires and empty peanut butter jars) and an assumption that you, as we do, will be avoiding crowded hotels in lieu of socially distant campsites this year.

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Terradrift’s 10 Rules for the Outdoors

We love being outside. We love it when others love being outside. We don’t love it when others don’t respect outside. So with more and more people heading outdoors these days, we thought it was high time that we discussed a few rules for the outdoors so all of us can enjoy the outdoors together. Some of these are suggestions that merely make the whole outdoor experience more pleasant for everyone involved, and some are hard and fast rules that can destroy delicate ecosystems (or your life) if not followed. So read up, then get outside and wander on!

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5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

We’ve all been new at something at some point in our lives. And chances are, we weren’t great at that something right out of the gate. There’s a learning curve with most activities that can only be gained through experience. And that includes backpacking. But if you’re new to shouldering a pack and hiking off into the woods to spend a few nights under a canopy of trees, we’ve got your back. Here are 5 mistakes beginner backpackers make (so you can get them right and stop looking like such a noob).

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