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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Outdoorsy Gifts that are Guaranteed to Please

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It’s once again the holiday season! And we know that no matter what or how you’re celebrating this season, gift-giving can add an undue layer of stress to your planned festivities. Don’t be stressed. Spend time outside instead! And then consult our handy dandy annual holiday gift guide. Because we’ve rounded up 10 outdoorsy gifts they’re sure to love. We know because a.) we’re outdoorsy, and b.) we love these items. Ipso facto: they’ll love ’em too. So peruse our outdoorsy gift guide, find their favorite new thing (from sustainable outdoor gear to cozy clothing to quirky stocking stuffers), and gift stress-free this season! (And if you’re shopping as soon as this post drops, save some cash by checking out our post with all the best Black Friday deals on gear!)

Outdoorsy Gifts

The MiiR Moka Pot
The MiiR Moka Pot

MiiR Moka Pot

If there’s an award for sexiest moka pot, MiiR wins it. Now, you know we’re all about coffee here at Terradrift, so you know we love a good device that can make an excellent cup wherever we roam–at home or on the road or in the great outdoors. This is that. Not only does it look good, it’s stainless steel, not aluminum, so it won’t corrode like your Bialetti, and it works over any type of stove: gas, electric, even induction! Yup, a moka pot that works with an induction burner. Brilliant! Plus it make up to six “cups” (make that shots) of quality espresso. Bonus: MiiR is a B-corp and Certified Climate Neutral. Get one here.

The Sanuk Puffy Chiller
The Sanuk Puffy Chiller

Sanuk Puffy Chiller

Is it a shoe or a slipper? Honestly, we can’t decide. But one thing’s for sure: we hardly want to take these cozy shoes off our feet after running errands or grabbing dinner on a chilly fall day (bonus if we also have our sustainable sweatpants on). Plus, you feeling’ those retro vibes? We dig. And they’re sustainable thanks to the massive amount of recycled materials and a midsole made with 55% sugarcane-based EVA. Pro tip: Order a half-size up as they run a bit snug. Find the Sanuk Puffy Chiller on REI here.

Solo Stove Mesa and Mesa XL
The Solo Stove Mesa (left) and Mesa XL (right)

Solo Stove Mesa XL

A backyard fire pit is a beautiful thing. We love our Solo Stove Bonfire. But if you’re planning a gift for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of a big backyard, say they’re confined to an apartment balcony or small patio space, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to enjoy a cozy (albeit smaller) blaze so they can roast some mallows, too! Even if someone special is just looking for something to add a little outdoorsy ambiance to their back deck, the Solo Stove Mesa or Mesa XL tabletop fire pit is just the thing (and it’s on sale for Black Friday, to boot). Wanna step it up a notch? Wrap up the Heat Deflector, too, to keep their hands extra toasty when lounging on the balcony. Check out our review here and find the Mesa XL here.

The Ignik Topside Heated Blanket
The Ignik Topside Heated Blanket

Ignik Topside Heated Blanket

Listen, nobody *likes* to be cold. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat liar. And you can tell them we said so. But don’t let the cold keep them from playing outside (or sleeping outside). If they’re car camping or headed to a rustic cabin in the woods, give them the Ignik Topside Heated Blanket. It plugs into a battery like the Goal Zero Yeti 500X, which powers heating elements in the middle of the blanket that will keep them nice and toasty whether they’re snoozing or sitting around the campfire. There’s also an adjustable power setting to regulate the temperature. It’s just barely big enough for a full-size mattress and is tricky to launder, so it’s best suited for van life, car camping, and activities where you won’t be dragging it through the mud (but yes, you CAN wear it like a cape). Check out our review here. Find the Ignik TopSide Blanket here.

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A woman in the Houdini Pace Flow Houdi.
Alisha in the Houdini Pace Flow Houdi in Austria

Houdini Pace Flow Houdi

We’ve mentioned this piece of layering magic before (we first tested it while backpacking in Grand Teton National Park), but we love it so much it definitely warrants a place on our guide to outdoorsy gifts. Because layering is important when it’s cool out. But sometimes when they’re working hard, too many layers can mean they get too hot too fast. Not with this marvel of material engineering. The whole hoodie is basically made of mesh, which you may think is less than useless, but you’d be wrong. When we threw it on over an ultralight long sleeve shirt while backpacking in the mountains, we were immediately cozier, but still felt like we could work up a sweat because this thing breathes so dang well. Which means we also didn’t have to stop as often to remove a layer. And when paired with a windbreaker or light jacket? Dang. You might as well have thrown on a puffy. And two UL layers is almost always better than one (more versatile that way, ya know?). The Pace is made of recycled materials and recyclable when you send it back to Houdini at the end of its life. Win. Find the Pace Flow for women here and men here.

the Stanley IceFlow Bottle with Fast Flow Lid
The Stanley IceFlow Bottle with Fast Flow Lid (24oz)

Stanley IceFlow Bottle with Fast Flow Lid

We’re big fans of insulated water bottles here at Terradrift. They keep our bevies cold in the summer and keep them from freezing in the winter. And this bottle from Stanley does not disappoint whether they’ll be using it for daily gym sessions, commutes to work, or hiking. Because not only will this keep water cold, it’s lighter than many other insulated bottles, plus it’s made of recycled stainless steel and comes with Stanley’s impressive lifetime warranty. Just as importantly, it has a sturdy handle for easy transportation, the smaller options fit in most cupholders, and the mouthpiece is perfectly sized for chugging (without being so big they’re liable to spill water all over their face…just me?). It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe and the handle even holds the cap for you in case you want to leave the bottle open in a cupholder or camp chair for easy sipping. Check out our review here and find the 24oz and 36oz on Stanley’s site.

The Backwoods Bidet attached to a CNOC bottle
The Backwoods Bidet attached to a CNOC bottle

Backwoods Bidet

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Budget-friendly item? Something that may entice a hearty chuckle but they’ll secretly never leave home without ever again? The Backwoods Bidet from Summit Suds (who also makes baller ultralight, powdered, biodegradable soap in compostable packaging) is just the thing. It’s small, ultralight, and screws onto the top of any regular plastic bottle (or a reusable squeeze bottle like the CNOC Vesica collapsible bottle or Lifestraw Peak Series Bottle), then with just a squeeze, works just like a bidet to offer that squeaky clean feeling below the belt. Bonus: it works for travel, too! Find the Backwoods Bidet on Garage Grown Gear here.

Outdoorsy gifts: The Outdoor Minimalist Book by Meg Carney
The Outdoor Minimalist Book by Meg Carney

The Outdoor Minimalist Book

If you know an outdoorist who’s as big a fan of protecting the environment as we are (you should probably get them one of our rad Terradrift T-shirts if that’s the case), they’re gonna dig The Outdoor Minimalist, a book written by my friend, fellow writer, and podcaster (did you catch the episode where she interviewed Terradrift?!) Meg. The books dives into all things minimalist when it comes to hiking and backpacking so they can waste less and enjoy more time outside. It covers everything from low-waste meal prep to gear selection and repair and highlights why it’s so important to be conscious about our choices when it comes to planning outdoor adventures. Order a copy of the book here.

A cover of Trails Magazine (photo from Trails Magazine)
A cover of Trails Magazine (photo from Trails Magazine)

Trails Magazine

Whether they love to read inspiring articles or marvel at epic imagery, Trails Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that won’t disappoint. Sure, the price tag is a bit higher than a year of, say, Outside, but boy is it worth it. There are insightful stories of backpacking adventures, inspiring trip reports, cheeky reviews, and stellar imagery, all without pages and pages of annoying ads. And did we mention Alisha has an article appearing in the spring issue? Yeah, this one is even on OUR wishlist. Long live print publications! Score a subscription here.

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The Nite Ize Radiant RH2 Headlamp
The Nite Ize Radiant RH2 Headlamp

Nite Ize Radiant RH2 Headlamp

If you know someone who’s main complaint about headlamps is that they’re not versatile enough, maybe they haven’t found the right one yet. The Radiant might be the right one. It has all the features they need in a headlamp: it’s waterproof, bright (700 lumens), has spot, flood and red light modes, tilts 90º, and stays put during activity. But maybe our favorite feature is that the included battery is rechargeable AND it takes AAA batteries, too. That means if the lights go out when recharging isn’t feasible but grabbing a pack of batteries on the go is, this headlamp can still light their way. That’s a win for versatility! Find the Radiant here.

Bottom Line

Long story short, if you’re looking for outdoorsy gifts for outdoorsy folks this holiday season, these 10 items won’t disappoint. Just remember to choose sustainable gear from responsible brands this season, don’t buy them crap they don’t need, and keep in mind that sometimes experiences are better than things. Then enjoy the season and make sure you spend plenty of time outdoors! Happy holidays!

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