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8 Backpacking HACKS to Save You Money

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Backpacking doesn’t have to be stupid expensive. And you don’t necessarily need a bunch of specialized, single-use gear. In fact, you can save a ton of money with some of our favorite money-saving backpacking hacks.

8 Backpacking Hacks

  1. Camp Lantern: Instead of a lantern, drop a headlamp in a white water bottle (or red to preserve night vision). 
  2. Tent Footprint: Don’t buy a dedicated tent footprint (read about what a tent footprint is here), cut one out of leftover house wrap from a construction site.
  3. Camp Cutlery: Forget a pricey titanium spork or dedicated mess kit; just grab some cutlery and a plastic plate or bowl from your kitchen cabinets.
  4. Camp Pillow: Use a stuff sack full of extra clothes instead of a camp pillow (though these 8 camp pillows are perfect for backpacking).
  5. Stuff Sacks: Instead of buying stuff sacks, sew your own from leftover fabric or repurpose sleeping bag compression sacks.
  6. Meals: Skip the overpriced backpacking meals and make your own (get our free plant based cookbook when you subscribe here).
  7. Hiking Shorts: You don’t need expensive clothing; your old running shorts and a tech shirt from Goodwill will do (plus, the most sustainable gear is used gear).
  8. Fire Starters: Don’t splurge on fire starters when corn chips work just as well!

Hack your whole pack or pocket one or two swaps for your next trip. Which ones will it be?! Have you tried any? 🤔 (The corn chips have been a lifesaver for us on many a camping trip! 😅)